Appeared in Man of Steel
Status Alive
Actor Ian Tracey
"I think, I'll probably just leave when I'm good and ready."
―Ludlow to "Joe"[src]

Ludlow was a Canadian truck driver who frequently drank in Cassidy Pub & Restaurant.


Man of SteelEdit

Ludlow and his friends ordered beer and food in Cassidy's. Ludlow then requested that Chrissy joined them and then groped her arse. Chrissy told him to back off and started to walk away but Ludlow grabbed her wrist. "Joe" then intervened. Ludlow stood up and poured his drink over Joe before trying to push him away but being unable to move Joe in the slightest. Chrissy told Joe not to worry so Joe quit and left but not before getting more abuse from Ludlow who threw a can at his back.

After leaving Cassidy's, Ludlow went out to find that his truck had been destroyed with logs driven straight through the vehicle.

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