Lucius Fox
Lucius Fox (The Batman)
Actor Louis Gossett Jr.

Lucius Fox works at Wayne Enterprises.


The Batman: The JoiningEdit

Lucius Fox appeared on The Batman in both parts of the season four finale The Joining ("Part One" and "Part Two"), where he is voiced by Louis Gossett Jr.. This version is based on the Batman Begins version including his background as a friend of Thomas Wayne. He knows Bruce Wayne's secret identity as Batman (though, this version's knowledge is stated outright, not merely implied as in Begins), and helps design most of his arsenal along with the construction of the Batcave beneath Wayne Manor. He, along with Robin, Batgirl, and J'onn J'onzz, played a part in helping Batman defeat the alien robots known as the Joining.

The Batman/Superman StoryEdit

Lucius returns in The Batman/Superman Story, where he gives Batman a new version of the Bat-bot, which he later uses against a brainwashed Superman, and provides Robin with a jetpack.


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit


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