Louise Lincoln
Killer Frost AoA
Alias(es) Killer Frost
Appeared in Batman: Assault on Arkham
Status Unknown
Actor Jennifer Hale

Louise Lincoln is an ice generating supervillainess known as Killer Frost .


Batman: Assault on ArkhamEdit

Killer Frost robbed one of Gotham's banks and engaged the G.C.P.D. in battle. After her escape car left her behind before being apprehended, she was forced to join Task Force X a.k.a. the Suicide Squad. She eventually wakes up in a secured room alongside the other members with her hands bound together in a metallic mechanism. King Shark briefly attempted to eat her but was quickly neutralized by her cryokinesis. After being briefed alongside the rest of the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller, she was gassed and woke up locked to a metal chair that was enclosed in a metal crate and dropped into Gotham City via aircraft. During the fall, her parachute malfunctioned and she crashed into King Shark, the two of them land on top of a parked vehicle that was crushed on impact. She, along with the rest of the Suicide Squad entered the sewers via a manhole, and she sat atop King Shark's shoulder for the duration of the trek to The Iceberg Lounge. After gearing up there, she was contacted on a secure line by Amanda Waller and was given the secret task of assassinating The Riddler, unbeknownst to the rest of the team. She sneaked into Arkham Asylum through the Arkham Morgue via a bodybag by a disguised Captain Boomerang. During the infiltration of Arkham Asylum, Killer Frost located The Riddler via a computer in the Security Room. Killer Frost decided against killing him when she learned the reason she was sent to assassinate him - The Riddler knew how to disable the bombs implanted in members of the Suicide Squad. After the Joker broke free and set all the patients of Arkham loose, Frost tried to escape from Arkham by stealing a police car. However, Bane, one of the newly released inmates, grabbed and threw the car she was trying to drive, causing it to explode and and leaving her fate unknown.


Thermokinetic Cryokinesis: Killer Frost can freeze objects by touching them.


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

  • Animation (1 film)

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Killer Frost can power Mr. Freeze's Freeze Gun with her bare hands.
  • She is shown to get along well with King Shark.
  • 'Killed' offscreen, therefore it's possible she didn't actually die due to her superhuman abilities.


Batman: Assault on ArkhamEdit

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