Lonnie Machin
Alias(es) Anarky
Appeared in Beware the Batman: Alone
Status Alive
Actor Wallace Langham

Anarky was a super criminal, who united with Harvey Dent to kill Batman.


Beware the Batman: AloneEdit

After when Harvey Dent was put in hospital, Anarky had visited and find out that Harvey was going to leave the hospital and finish what both of them started.  First thing they did - they forced Jocelyn Kilroy to upload the document, written by Harvey Dent, where Jocelyn Kilroy refuse from candidacy for mayor of Gotham. After that, they went to David Hull, who was already holding a post of mayor of Gotham, and they forced him to get all GCPD and SCU officers under command of Harvey Dent and find Batman. When Dent found Batman, Anarky warned him that Batman knows that they are coming for him and he wants it. But it didn't stop Harvey to get away from his target.  When Harvey found Batman and Katana on the roof of one of the buildings of Gotham, he was going to kill Batman, but he got knocked out by an officer, who is in real was a Deathstroke. When Harvey woke up, he saw Anarky in front of him, who was saying to him that Batman and his teamnate were dead and Gotham belongs to them both. But Harvey destoryed this union between him and Anarky and he tried to kill him. But Harvey was captured by Anarky and he was pushed to the window. Anarky was going to kill Harvey by a knife, but he was interrupted by James Gordon, and that forced Anarky to escape. Later, he was playing chess with himself, using the figures of heroes and villains of Gotham. He loses and he decided to play a new game.

Character traitsEdit

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Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

  • TV Movie(1 film)

Behind the scenesEdit

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Beware the Batman: AloneEdit

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