Lois Lane
Lois Lane - DC Animated Universe
Appeared in The Batman/Superman Movie
Superman: Brainiac Attacks
Status Alive
Actor Dana Delany

Lois Lane is a reporter at the Daily Planet. She would develop a relationship first with with Clark Kent, and later Superman. She would get herself into constant danger, and began to have feelings for both men separately.


The Batman/Superman MovieEdit

She even had a brief relationship with Bruce Wayne before discovering his secret identity as Batman. When she discovered his secret, she declined a further romantic relationship with him saying that there were things about his life she didn't want to know,

Superman: Brainiac AttacksEdit

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TV MoviesEdit

Superman: The Last Son of KryptonEdit

When she first met Clark Kent, she dismissed him as a hay seed from Smallville. Eventually, they became friends and would work together regularly.

Lois was at first skeptical of Superman but like so many others in Metropolis grew to love him as their hero and symbol. Lois was saved by Superman on multiple occasions.

Superman: The Main ManEdit

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Superman: Blasts From The PastEdit

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Superman: Apokolips...Now!Edit

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Superman: Little Girl LostEdit

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Superman: LegacyEdit

At one point, during Superman's brainwashing by Darkseid she enlisted her father's help in obtaining the necessary security clearance so she could break Superman out of a military installation. In the end however but she eventually got closer to him and ended up dating him.

Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS CrisisEdit

After the Cadmus Crisis, it was never made clear whether or not Lois has figured out that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person.


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