Rumors about the upcoming film Lobo (film).


  • Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Durand are candidates to play Lobo. [1]
  • Conan the barbarian actor, Jason Momoa is rumored to play Lobo.
  • Danny Trejo will play Lobo.[2]
  • John Cleese will have a role in the film.[3]
  • Armie Hammer will portrayed Lobo.[4]


  • The plot is "Lobo, a powerful alien bounty hunter, lands on Earth in search of four fugitives who are bent on wreaking havoc."
  • The film will be part of the DC Extended Universe.


  • The film be rated R.
  • Details about the film will be announced at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con.
  • Aaron Sorkin will direct the film.[5]
  • This could be one of the films to be release either on February 14, 2020 or June 5, 2020.[6]
  • Michael Bay will direct.[7]
  • Joseph Kosinski, Quentin Tarantino, Miguel Gomes, David Yates, Andy Muschietti, Brad Peyton, Gary Ross, Ridley Scott, Dan Trachtenberg and a number of others will direct the film.[8]


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