Legion of Superheroes: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow
Legion of Superheroes (Legion of Superheroes)2
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Legion of Superheroes: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow is a TV movie that served as the season 2 premiere of Legion of Superheroes.


In the 41st century, the universe will be terrorized by a warrior named Imperiex. The only person standing in the way of his plans for domination is a clone of the original Superman. But, unable to defeat Imperiex and his vast army alone, the clone travels to the 31st century to recruit history's greatest super hero team, the Legion, to help fight this threat.

The Legion has returned from the 41st century with Kel-El, a genetically-enhanced Superman clone. But Imperiex, the destroyer of galaxies, has reached the 31st century first—and unleashed all of the Legion's greatest enemies. When the other Legionnaires (Dream Girl, Shrinking Violet, Sun Boy, Blok, etc.) went to the Prison Planet to stop them, they each got defeated one by one and got locked into the prison cells themselves. To restore order and combat this near-invincible foe, the Legion will once again turn to the past for help in the form of an older, more mature Superman with far greater grasp of his powers.

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