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Legion of Superheroes: Dark Victory is a TV movie that serves as the series finale of Legion of Superheroes.


Imperiex launches a full scale assault against the Legion while Brainiac 5 deals with the ever increasing presence of his ancestor. Eventually Brainiac 1.0 takes control, defeats numerous Legionnaires including Superman and joins forces with Imperiex. But in the end Imperiex is killed and Brainiac 5 is now in command. Meanwhile the Legion receives shocking news that Superman is presumed dead.

After overpowering the hivemind on his homeworld of Colu, Brainiac 1.0 intends to bring "order" to the universe through his descendant, converting interferences into data. The Legion holds a funeral for Superman and sends his tomb to the Sun. When it was discovered that he is actually alive, Superman X retrieves a Sun-powered Superman. Brainiac 5 managed to overpower his ancestor with the help of a merged Superman. In the process, Brainiac 5 becomes a pure organic being, resembling Brainiac 5.1 from the comics, as he discards his robotic armor, and soon leaves the Legion to cope with this new state and his recent actions. Before leaving to go back to the 41st century, which now has an altered timeline free of Imperiex or Brainiac, Superman X becomes a member of the Legion. But somewhere in space, Brainiac rebuilds some parts together becoming a new Brainiac. Saying that "Evil does not die... it evolves."

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