Lana Lang
Lana Lang
Appeared in Superman: The Movie
Superman III
Actor Diane Sherry
Annette O'Toole
"What else have I got in Smallville?"
―Lana contemplating an offer from Clark to get her a job [src]

Lana Lang was a childhood friend of Clark Kent's when he was growing up. They also had a small crush on each other. She eventually married, had a son named Ricky, and got divorced.


Superman: The MovieEdit

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Superman IIIEdit

Lana Lang was Clark Kent's high-school sweetheart who later in life became a single mother raising a son named Ricky and trying to fend off the unwanted affections of her former boyfriend Brad, who was a drunk working at a security guard. Clark and Lana developed a strong friendship over a short period of time, to the point where Clark felt comfortable being a father figure to her son Ricky, but it was clear that Clark was falling in love with her.

She often felt shy asking for Clark's help and advise, however Clark assured her that she was important to him and that he was happy to help her. She later decided to move to Metropolis with her son and there became Perry White's new secretary. Clark Kent presented Lana with a diamond ring which he as Superman made from a hard-pressed chunk of coal, which Brad oversaw believing that Clark was making a proposal of marriage to Lana and became incredibly jealous.

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