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Alias(es) Starfire
Appeared in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Actor Hynden Walch

Koriand'r is a Tamaranean who escaped from the Gordanians, she befriended Robin and joined together with several other heroes to create the Teen Titans. She goes by the superhero name of Starfire.


Teen Titans: Trouble in TokyoEdit

Starfire and Robin share various moments together. At one point, they were about to kiss, and Robin asks her if she knows that she's his best friend. She responses 'yes', and tells him that he is also her best friend. They come to explain that nothing could ever get in the way of their friendship, implying that they both want to be more than best friends. But right before they kiss, Robin backs away, saying he's had a new thought about the villain. He also says that he is a hero, and he can't be anything more, much to his and Starfire's dismay.

Later, when Starfire and Robin are caught in the rain after defeating the villain Uehara Daizo, Robin admits that he was wrong before. That maybe a hero wasn't all that he was, and that maybe he...we- could be "more", but Starfire interrupts him saying "Robin- stop talking" and they both lean in and share a passionate kiss, with their friends around them saying things like 'it's about time', implying that they all knew they were going to get together one day. The series ends with Robin and Starfire holding hands, happy with eachother's presence.

TV MoviesEdit


Robin fights and easily defeats the other Titans like Slade commands him to, but when Starfire is the last one, he refuses to strike her down.


Starfire was the first to befriend Terra, and one of those hurt most by her betrayal. While angered at Terra for this and for exploiting her natural loving kindness, she still wished to help Terra at the end of "Aftershock", and stated at her memorial service that she would miss her.

Titans EastEdit

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The EndEdit

While Robin sought out what was left of Raven, Starfire stayed with Beast Boy and Cyborg, fighting first Trigon and later, the most evil part of herself. While Starfire is caring and kind, Starfire's evil self is cold, calculating, and vindictive. None of the Titans could defeat themselves, and it is she who figures out that they could defeat each other's evil selves. It is Starfire who defeats Cyborg's evil self, while Beast Boy defeats her evil self.


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Calling All TitansEdit

In "Calling All Titans!" she delivered Argent's communicator to her and was the one to respond to Argent's call for help. Though she was too late to help Argent, she was attacked by Kitten and Killer Moth, the two of whom took great pride in their act of revenge. She, however, was not captured and resurfaced with Red Star and Bumblebee at the Brotherhood of Evil's hideout in Paris, helping free her friends and taking part in the final fight against the Brotherhood.




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