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Kobra (Batman Beyond)
Members Zander
Maxine Gibson
Appeared in Batman Beyond: Curse of the Kobra
Actors Alexis Denisof
Cree Summer

Kobra is a snake-worshiping cult that continually battles Batman.


Little is known about the origins of Kobra, but they had long admired the power of the dinosaurs. They envisioned them as the only life form capable of ruling the world once again. So, for years Kobra sought a way to splice human genes with dinosaurs' DNA. Until they could achieve their main goal, Kobra used cutting edge technology for robberies, extortion and terrorism, which led them to clash with Batman on a few occasions.

Kobra was ruthless and unforgiving. Every member of Kobra was expected complete allegiance and devotion to the organization, and any protocol breach was punished with a gruesome death in a pit of vipers.



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