Kitty Kowalski
Kitty Kowalski
Appeared in Superman Returns
Actor Parker Posey

Kitty Kowalski was Lex Luthor's prison nurse. She later became his girlfriend.


Superman ReturnsEdit

Kitty starts out as a maid at Gertrude Vanderworth's house. After Lex Luthor inheirits the money, she goes with him and then it cuts over to Clark. Her next appearence is when Lex and his gang along with her go to the Fortress of Solitude where Lex communicates with the will of Jor-El. Then she, Lex, and Lex's men return to the same place where Lex inherited his money and Kitty finds the dog and the remains of the other dog and takes the dog in. Lex then shows them the train set of the world he imagined. However the blackout causes the destruction of his train set and a large crack through the room. After it's done a large crystal shape appeared in the middle. Kitty's next appearence is when she is driving like a maniac through the streets because her brakes were cut. She did this to distract Superman while Lex broke into the museum and stole the kryptonite. There was also a bank robbery going on a Superman missed that to save her. When Luthor creates his new continent infused with Kryptonite and uses that to weaken and nearly kill Superman, Kitty appears disturbed, but doesn't do anything to stop it. Eventually, after Superman destroys the new continent, Lex and Kitty escape in Gertrude's helicopter; Kitty, unwilling to let billions of people die should Luthor attempt to create a new continent, tosses away the crystals that Lex stole from the Fortress of Solitude. She and Luthor are then stranded on a tiny desert island when their helicopter runs out of fuel, the only food being Gertrude's dog. 

Her fate is left unknown.

Relationships Edit


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