Karen Beecher
308 027
Alias(es) Bumblebee
Actor T'Keyah Keymah

Bumblebee is a superhero who can fly and alter her size. She is the leader of the Titans East.


Titans EastEdit

While in Steel City, Bumblebee and Aqualad formed Titans East with Speedy and Más y Menos. Cyborg soon followed and helped the team build their tower, but Blood entered with his new Cyborg copies and beat the Titans East whom he then placed under mind-control to attack and capture Cyborg, whom Blood wanted to examine. Cyborg then battled Blood and won, freeing the Titans East. He then decided to return to his fellow Titans and appointed Bumblebee as the new leader of Titans East.

Calling All TitansEdit

Bumblebee was targeted by the Brotherhood of Evil and was overpowered by Punk Rocket and Angel when they attacked her in "Calling All Titans!". She somehow got rescued by Starfire and joined the Titans' assault on the Brotherhood of Evil's base. She subsequently socialized with the other assembled Titans in Titans Tower and participated in the recapture of Doctor Light after he robbed a bank.


  • Flight
  • Size alteration


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

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