Kala In-Ze
Appeared in Superman: Little Girl Lost
Actor Carolyn Seymour

Kala In-Ze is an Argoan and the mother of Kara In-Ze, Earth's Supergirl.


Superman: Little Girl LostEdit

When Argo was torn from its orbit by the destruction of Krypton, the surviving Argoans slowly froze to death. When the survivors' distress calls went unanswered, Kala, the planet's chief physician, placed herself and her family in cryonic stasis, hoping that someone would find and rescue them in time.

Before placing herself in stasis, Kala recorded a message for whoever found their stasis chamber, sketching the history of Argo's fall and ending with a plea for help.

Unfortunately, the expanding ice sheets of Argo encroached on the stasis chamber, and critically damaged the cells of Kala and her family, except for her daughter, Kara, who was rescued by Superman, while exploring the system where Krypton had been.

When she was brought to Earth, Kara told Clark that she had dreamed of saving her mother's life and helping her lost friends, and that was why she wanted to emulate Clark in using her powers to become a super-heroine.



  • Kala appears to be a combination of Zor-El and Alura as she saved Kara the same as how Zor-El saved Kara, and she has the same last name as Alura.

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