Appeared in Legion of Superheroes: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow

K3NT is a robotic dual personality being that created Superman X to combat Imperiex.


Legion of Superheroes: The Man from the Edge of TomorrowEdit

K3NT was an android body that was compose of a gestalt entity with male and female characteristics which belonged to the 41st century where Imperiex and his forces have devastated most of the universe. With their version of the Legion lost, they resorted to creating a clone as their last hope to defeat Imperiex: Superman-X, who was conceived to all of the original Superman's strength but none of his weakness, in which K3NT bonded Kryptonite with the clone's genetic structure, which also gave it additional capabilities that the original Superman did not possess. They also created Terra-Man to assassinate a boy named Abel, who would unknowingly develop the cybernetic parts used to create Imperiex.

After creating Superman-X, K3NT trained him in his battle against Imperiex and becoming his parental guardian. K3NT was phased out of existence from the antimatter engulfing the 41st century following Imperiex's escape to the 31st century; but before it's end, K3NT made one final and emotional words to Superman-X and embraced him as it's son.


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