Trivia about Justice League: War.

  • Based on the 6-issue storyline from DC's New 52 Justice League: Origin, the first storyline of their relaunched "Justice League" series. Notably this series was not only the first series released when the New 52 began, but it also served as the Justice League's new origin story in the New 52.
  • While in the comics Aquaman is a founding member that participated in the storyline, in the film he is replaced by Shazam.
  • Wonder Woman's New 52 costume is slightly changed for the film in order to make her outfit less revealing and avoid referencing her cleavage.
  • George Newbern, who normally plays the voice of Superman in various DC animated movies and shows, plays the voice of Steve Trevor in this film.
  • While Cyborg was known as a founding member of the Teen Titans in the previous continuity, in the New 52 he was a founding member of the Justice League, replacing Martian Manhunter who was the seventh founding member in the previous Justice League origin story.
  • This is the first DC animated feature to use material from DC Comic's New 52 continuity.

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