Trivia about Justice League: Gods And Monsters.

  • A three-part mini-series titled Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles was released before the film and is set to have a second season in 2016 by Machinima, Inc.[1][2]
  • Batman is Kirk Langstrom instead of Bruce Wayne. In the comics Langstrom is Man-Bat, one of The Batman's many enemies. The film sees a play on him being less of an actual man size bat and more of a classic horror vampire.
  • Batman who "only kills criminals" is voiced by Michael C. Hall who portrayed Dexter Morgan a serial killer who only killed serial killers.
  • According to writer Bruce Timm, the hardest character to redesign and reimagine was Wonder Woman. It wasn't until after bringing up an old sketch that inspiration struck.
  • The movie will be followed by an online animated series called Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles set prior to the events of the movie. The series has already been greenlit for a second season and most likely set up for a possible sequel.
  • Superman isn't Kal-El, but rather the son of General Zod.

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