Jonathan Kent
Brainiac Attacks Jonathan Kent
Alias(es) Pa Kent
Appeared in Superman: Brainiac Attacks
Actor Mike Farrell

Jonathan Kent was a farmer in Smallville, Kansas. He and his wife, Martha found a three year old boy alone in a space ship. Taking him in, they named him Clark. They soon figured out that he was no ordinary boy. Clark would become the hero known to all as Superman.


Brainiac AttacksEdit

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TV MoviesEdit

The Last Son of KryptonEdit

Jonathan and his wife Martha witnessed the arrival of the Kryptonian spacecraft bearing the infant Kal-El. Jonathan was somewhat apprehensive of the mysterious child, wondering if perhaps the baby might have been launched into space by the Russians. Nonetheless, he agreed to Martha's suggestion that they raise the child as their own.

Over the years, Jonathan and Martha's loving, supportive parenting instilled in young Clark a strong sense of morality and the importance of helping those in need - thus providing Superman with an essential heroism to match his vast physical power.

Superman: Little Girl LostEdit

Later, he and Martha were also loving foster parents to Kara, an Argoan girl that Clark rescued from deep space. Kara likewise adopted the strong morality they taught her (though she often felt confined by the isolation of the farm).


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