John Henry Irons
Steel Justice League Unlimited2
Alias(es) Steel
Actor Phil LaMarr

John Henry Irons is a former inventor for LexCorp who quit after a power suit he created drove its wearer mad. He later became Steel after recreating a non-addictive suit.


Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS CrisisEdit

After Luthor hacked into and fired the Watchtower's Binary Fusion Generator, Steel oversaw the rebooting. At that moment, Galatea and her Ultimen clones attacked the Watchtower. While the majority of the League fought the invaders, Steel rushed to the generator room. There, he was confronted by Galatea. Steel proved little match for the powerful Argoan clone, but before she could finish him, Supergirl interfered.

Justice League Unlimited: DestroyerEdit

During the second invasion of Darkseid, Steel fought in Tokyo with Blue Devil and Sinestro. Using his expertise in engineering, he discovered the mysterious Apokoliptian machines installed around the world were magma tappers, designed to create fire pits on Earth. With that knowledge, the League managed to thwart Darkseid's plans as Superman, Batman and Luthor took on the tyrant himself.


  • Power Suit
  • Hammer



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