Jocelyn Kilroy
Joselyn Kilroy
Appeared in Beware the Batman: Alone
Status Alive
Actor Beth Tapper

Jocelyn Kilroy was candiate for mayor of Gotham, but was forced by Harvey Dent to refuse.


Beware the Batman: AloneEdit

When Harvey Dent was hospitilized after explosion in Gotham armory, Jocelyn Kilroy was getting a big improvement in elections for mayor of Gotham. In one of her speeches, she critized the actions of Harvey Dent when he was trying to arrest Batman, and at the same time, getting damage to Gotham and to himself. When Harvey Dent decided to leave hospital, together with Anarky, they went to the appartment of Kilroy to wait for her. When she came, Harvey Dent told her that he wrote a special document, in which is written that Jocelyn Kilroy is leaving the elections for a mayor of Gotham. If she would refuse to upload this document for news, Harvey Dent and Anarky would kill her. She had no choice and she left the elections. 

Character traitsEdit

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Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

  • TV Movie (1 film)

Behind the scenesEdit

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Beware the Batman: AloneEdit

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