Jay, Lark, Raven
Members Jay
Appeared in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Jay, Raven, and Lark were hench girls of the Penguin and waitresses in Iceberg Lounge.


Batman: Mystery of the BatwomanEdit

Jay, Raven and Lark were working at the Iceberg Lounge the night Bruce Wayne took Kathy Duquesne out for a date. Lark seated them at a table. She later returned to notify the Penguin that he had a call from a business partner. When Penguin was restrained by Batwoman, he secretly alerted Jay and Raven from the front desk to come to his office and protect him. Jay and Raven with the absence of Lark, came barging in showing off their combatant and acrobatic skills to Batwoman. They kicked her out of the office leading to the ballroom. Batwoman then knocked out Jay and Raven one by one.



  • Animation (1 film)


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