Dr. Jason Woodroe
Appeared in Batman & Robin
Actor John Glover

Dr. Jason Woodroe was potrayed by John Glover in Batman & Robin. The sadistic boss of Pamela Isley and the creator of Bane.


Batman & RobinEdit

Creating BaneEdit

Dr. Jason Woodrue was a corrupt scientist who worked in a South American lab. He used plant toxins to create Venom, a super-serum that enhanced the proportions of a human subject. His first subject was Antonio Diego, who was turned into Bane. Woodrue planned on selling similar "Super Soldiers" to members of the "Un-United Nations".


Pamela Isley, who worked for Dr. Woodrue, discovered his illegal experiments, and Woodrue offered her to join him. But she was appalled by his experiments and threaten to report this so he wouldn't even teach high school chemistry, and called him a "psycho". Woodrue, not "good at rejections", attacked her by throwing her into a shelf full of plant chemicals. Isley arose hours later, having been transformed into Poison Ivy by the chemicals and Venom. Ivy killed Woodrue with a poisonous kiss and destroyed the lab.



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