James Olsen
Jimmy Olsen (Smallville)
Alias(es) Jimmy Olsen
Appeared in Finale
Actor Aaron Ashmore

James Bartholomew "Jimmy" Olsen is a photographer at the Daily Planet.



When Lois is about to enter Perry White's office, Jimmy abruptly stops and warns her about it not being a good idea to speak to their editor. He then asks for Lois' opinion regarding photos that he took of Superman, to which Lois states that while the color and lighting are fine, it's lacking the drama and awe worthy of Superman. She then reminds Jimmy that he has some big shoes to fill left by his brother, but that she is certain he can do it, leaving Jimmy to smile proudly back at her.



  • This version of Jimmy is the little brother of the Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen (also played by Aaron Ashmore) who was a main character in Smallville and married to Chloe until he was killed.

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