Trivia about JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time.

  • When Dawnstar and Karate Kid arrive on the neighborhood streets of Washington DC, they observe a young couple walking their dog. The couple resemble "Marvin White" and "Wendy Harris" and their gray bulldog resembles "Wonder Dog" from the Superfriends cartoon.
  • The Characters "Dawnstar" and "Karate Kid" from the Legion of Superheroes were added for more ethnic diversity. Their costume designs are reminiscent of "Samurai" and "Apache Chief" from the Super Friends cartoon.
  • Character Designers Lynell Forestall and Danny Kimanyean drew character designs of themselves as citizens in this movie. Forestall can be seen as the overall wearing Clerk in the General Store, while Kimanyean is the driver wearing the baseball cap with the "k" on it it during the collapsing bridge scene.
  • The design living marionette design of "Toyman" is based on the Alex Ross action figure.
  • Many of the Locations and Buildings are named after various crew members. The "Gang Hwang Kim Building" is a named after the Korean Animation Directors Sungdae Gang, Il-Jim Hwang, and Youngchan Kim. "Lynell Plaza" was named after Character Designer Lynell Forestall.
  • Producer/Director Giancarlo Volpe was asked to play Mandolin for the scene where the Kents drive away listening to the radio.
  • The character "Black Lightning" from the DC Nation short "Thunder & Lightning" was intended to be a member of the Justice League, but was removed from the character line-up. Producer Giancarlo Volpe had intended to have Black Lightning and his daughters appear in civilian clothes as if on vacation during the Hawaiian volcano scene, but dropped the idea because it didn't make sense that Black Lightning would be standing around watching the disaster and not doing anything.
  • Superman's dog "Krypto" was intended to be in movie but was removed.
  • The Wonder Twins, "Zan and Jayna" were intended to have Cameo appearances at the Future Museum, but were removed.
  • The likeness of the character "Karate Kid" was designed after Director Jay Oliva.

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