Invulnerability is a power, giving one immunity to harm and pain. Those who are invulnerable may be either impenetrable or merely possess immunity to pain and a healing factor that makes them hard or even impossible to kill or cripple. In some cases having the power to take more physical damage; compared to that of normal humans and animals.


Users of invulnerability possess the ability to be impervious to all forms of physical harm, injury or pain. One way a user can possess this power is if they have a unique molecular structure which makes them faster, sharper and stronger, but also gives them an indestructible and impenetrable anatomy. Another way would be to have a natural superhuman durability which gives them more of a resistance to injury and with an advanced healing factor, make them virtually impossible to kill or cripple. A third way of possessing the power would be through the use of sorcery or divine empowerment.

Despite what many believe, invulnerability does have it's limitations. An example of this would be if one is exposed to an element of their natural environment, such as atmospherics or substances proven lethal to the individual's species. Magic can also be effective against those with a metaphysical or mystical form of invulnerability, which can prove lethal as well.

Characters with this AbilityEdit

  • Kryptonians: Because of a naturally dense molecular structure, Kryptonians are known to be virtually invulnerable. This is due to the belief their bio-electric aura provide them with a form of natural force field close to the skin, making them impervious to lasers, bullets, even blades. Despite this, Kryptonians are not invulnerable to Kryptonite, Magic, Psionics, Chi or Red Sun energy.
  • Atlanteans: Because of a naturally dense molecular structure, Atlanteans are known to be almost virtually invulnerable.

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