Superman (Heat Vision)

Heat Vision is a vision based power which gives an individual to emit beams of intense heat from their eyes.


Individuals who possess the ability of heat vision usually collect a specific type of energy necessary for this power to work. For some, they can just absorb the energy from that of a sun, others however can do so through other means. Users can utilize this as a simple tool, either to melt objects or as a means of cooking. At certain temperatures, heat vision beams have been shown to be invisible to the naked eye, but for more intense blasts, the beams are more visible.

Omega Beams

As it can be used as a tool, heat vision also has it's advantages as a means of offense, either as a main or last resort means of attack.

Characters with this AbilityEdit

  • Kryptonians: Under a yellow or blue sun, Kryptonians can store a great deal of solar energy in their cells which they can expel from their eyes in either small or large amounts. Kryptonians also usually need to focus when utilizing this power, however some Kryptonians who lack the necessary focus can only produce it in amounts from slim to none.
Martian Vision
  • Martians: Similar to that of Kryptonians, individuals from the planet Mars have the ability to produce beams of energy from their eyes. This is one of the capabilities of their power known as "Martian Vision", which also applies to microscopic vision, telescopic vision, even X-Ray Vision.
  • Ultraman: Being from a parallel world, Ultraman is the evil counterpart of Superman and as such, possesses all of his abilities, including the power of heat vision.
  • Darkseid: The New God ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid possesses the Omega Effect and with it can use it's power to produce lethal beams from his eyes. These beams, known as "Omega Beams" are capable of following any and all targets, no matter how fast or agile they maybe. Though most have perished at the use of this power, Kryptonians and other beings like Doomsday can withstand it and survive. As far as normal beings go, the only mortal to ever dodge the omega beams and live to tell the tale is Batman.


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