Green Power Ring
Appeared in Green Lantern

A Green Lantern Power Ring selects its next bearer when the current Green Lantern wearing it passes away. The Ring allows its user to create hard-light constructs powered by the user's will.

Green Lantern Ring usersEdit


A Green Power Ring is considered the "most powerful weapon in the universe" by the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps. The Ring can generate absolutely anything imaginable by the owner of the ring meaning it has unlimited power. It also gives the wearer of the ring a field of protection meaning that they can withstand gun shots and things that would kill a normal person.


The Green Power Ring has only a few rare weaknesses, the Green energy cannot effect anything Yellow unless there is an incredibly large amount of Green energy. Parallax is made of yellow energy and was able to slay numbers of Green Lantern's as their ring's were powerless against his body. Hal Jordan was able to overcome this by absorbing the energy from the Green Central Power Battery.

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