Future Gotham City (DCAU)

Gotham City in the 2040s.

Gotham City is the city that Batman protects.


Batman: Mystery of the BatwomanEdit

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The Batman/Superman MovieEdit

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Batman Beyond: Return of the JokerEdit

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TV MoviesEdit

Batman: The Cat and The ClawEdit

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Batman: Two-FaceEdit

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Batman: Feat of ClayEdit

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Batman: Robin's ReckoningEdit

Several years ago, New York gained a new protector in Robin.

Batman: Heart of SteelEdit

HARDAC planed to replace all the people on Earth with robots, starting with New York, before he was stopped by Batman.

Batman: Shadow of The BatEdit

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Batman: The Demon's QuestEdit

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Justice League: The Savage TimeEdit

New York falls under control of Vandal Savage during his tampering with World War II. It was returned to normal by the Justice League.

Justice League: StarcrossedEdit

Gotham is the Justice League's safe haven during the Thanagarian invastion.

Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future ThingEdit

Gotham, along with the rest of existence, was put at risk by Chronos.

Batman Beyond: RebirthEdit

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Batman Beyond: Curse of the KobraEdit

Kobra is based in Gotham, New York.

Batman Beyond: The CallEdit

Superman helps Batman stop a theft by Inque in Gotham before recruiting him to the Justice League Unlimited.



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