Glen Woodurn
Glen Woodburn
Appeared in Man of Steel
Status Alive
Actor Chad Krowchuk
"If he truly means us no harm, then he'll turn himself into his people and face the consequences. And if he won't do that, then maybe we should. Uh...The Daily Planet's Lois Lane knows who this guys is, and I think that she's the one that we should be questioning."
―Glen Woodburn's thoughts on Kal-El[src]

Glen Woodburn is an Internet blogger in Metropolis.


Man of SteelEdit

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeEdit

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Relationships Edit

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Behind the scenesEdit

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  • David S. Goyer had initially intended the character to be Jack Ryder but Warner Bros. told him that he couldn't, for reasons that Goyer can't remember, so he created Woodburn to take Ryder's place.


Man of SteelEdit

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