Gillian B. Loeb
Appeared in Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
Actor Colin McFarlane

Gillian B. Loeb was the Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department for some years in Gotham City.


Batman BeginsEdit

After Batman foiled the drug shipment of Carmine Falcone supplying evidence as well as capturing corrupt cop Arnold Flass and Falcone, it hit the news. Leob immediately wanted Batman arrested ordering the Police to search for Batman and bring him in, claiming that he doesn't want a vigilante doing the police work.

Loeb was then leading the Police when the League of Shadows and Jonathan Crane released a Fear Toxin into The Narrows causing the people to go insane.

The Dark KnightEdit

He presumably allowed the Bat-Light to be placed atop MCU. Commissioner Loeb's fingerprint (from a whiskey glass inside Loeb's desk) was given to the The Joker by a corrupt GCPD officer, Loeb's fingerprint was placed on a Joker card, along with Harvey Dent and Judge Janet Surillo and given to Gordon as who the Joker would target next. Gordon rushed to City Hall and burst into Loeb's office, in an attempt to get him to safety. The Commissioner did not believe the threat and took out a whiskey bottle and glass, and poured himself a scotch. However, the bottle had been poisoned; Gordon realised this only seconds after the Commissioner had started drinking the scotch.

Loeb collapsed and died, with smoke pouring out the glass. Surillo was also killed minutes after Loeb died. While the Commissioner's funeral was taking place, the Joker attempted to assassinate Mayor Anthony Garcia, but he was saved by James Gordon; Gordon was thought to be dead, but he faked his death to capture the Joker. Gordon replaced Loeb as Commissioner.


  • Canon (1 film)


  • In the novelization of The Dark Knight, Loeb's full name is given as Perry Loeb.

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