Gertrude Vanderworth
Gertrude Vanderworth
Appeared in Superman Returns
Status Deceased
Actor Noel Neill

Gertrude Vanderworth was the wife of Lex Luthor.


Superman ReturnsEdit

A wealthy elderly widow, Gertrude married Lex Luthor after reading his letters from prison and convincing herself that he was "not like the rest". Gertrude was instrumental in getting Luthor released from prison, which was especially easy since Superman was not around to object to the situation. Luthor then married Gertrude, and soon after, she died. On her death bed, Gertrude gave the rest of her fortune to Luthor, despite the objections of her family outside the door. Before Gertrude could finish signing the will, she died, and Luthor finished it, then taking off his wedding ring and throwing it in the glass with her dentures. He then left, throwing his toupee into a little girl's hands, and prompting her to scream. Lex then ran off with Gertrude's maid and his lover, Kitty Kowalski, and took her house and yacht .

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