Garfield Logan
Beast Boy JLvsTT 3
Alias(es) Beast Boy
Appeared in Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
Status Alive
Actor Brandon Soo Hoo

Garfield Logan, also known as Beast Boy, is a superhero with the power to shape-shift into any members of the animal kingdom. He is a member of the Teen Titans.


Early LifeEdit

At age 11, Garfield Logan's genetics kicked in and gave him green skin and powers. He could shapeshift into any animal from a goat, gorilla, tiger, bear or even a fly. He was taken in by Starfire and moved into the Titans Tower. He regarded the Teen Titans as family.

Justice League vs. Teen TitansEdit

Beast Boy overslept and rushed off to training without putting on his uniform. Raven pointed out he was naked. Beast Boy got dressed and admitted he slept in the nude like animals then boasted he was the entire animal kindgom crammed into a single magnificent specimen. Raven remarked he was something crammed into something. Blue Beetle's Scarab found the comment amusing. Beast Boy poked the Scarab and told it to butt out. The Scarab became angry and swiped at him. That night, Beast Boy was chilling out in his bedroom when Damian Wayne's sword came through the wall and nearly stabbed him. He turned into a chameleon and played with a Jenga set in the common room much to Jaime Reyes' annoyance. After Wayne apologized to Reyes, Beast Boy remarked he liked him now.

On a night of mandatory fun, Starfire took the Titans out to a nearby carnival. Logan and Reyes got into a friendly competition. Logan's eagle eyes won him the shooting gallery while Reyes won the strong man. They found a dance off video game and competed. Logan won and rubbed it in, fueled by the crowd. Reyes offered free popcorn to anyone who could win. Damian Wayne accepted the challenge and won despite never dancing before. A battle ensued after Corruptor demons attacked Raven. Beast Boy took on the form of a tiger. After Raven banished the demons, she teleported the Titans to Azarath and explained her past. Beast Boy pointed out Raven's mother did it with Satan. Starfire scolded him and implored Raven to continue with her story. Things got worse when the Corruptors possessed the Justice League. Beast Boy fought Wonder Woman in the form of an elephant but he got knocked out. 24 hours later, he was shocked when Robin implied he had a plan to take out Superman.

The Titan and Cyborg boomed to the Middle East to rescue Raven. After Cyborg, Starfire, and Blue Beetle drew Superman close enough, Beast Boy carried off Robin in the form of a vulture. Robin stabbed Superman with Kryptonite and expelled the Corruptor. Beast Boy turned into a horse and Robin rode him to the Infernal Shrine where Raven was powering it. Beast Boy told Robin and his bony ass to get off then he stretched. The Titans were too late and Trigon arrived. Cyborg and the Titans ventured into Trigon's realm to look for a crystal to trap him in. Beast Boy's physiology didn't react well with the surroundings and he lost control, turning into a incoherent mess. He soon emerged as a free standing super strong wolf creature and saved Blue Beetle from demon spawn then into a smaller hellbeast. After Trigon was imprisoned, Beast Boy told Cyborg to dump the Justice League and sign up with the Titans and Cyborg accepted finally feeling that he was apart of a team.

Teen Titans: The Judas ContractEdit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Unique Physiology
    • Terrestrial Metamorph
    • Animal Mimicry


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

  • DC Animated Film Universe (2 film)

Behind the scenesEdit

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Justice League vs. Teen TitansEdit

Teen Titans: The Judas ContractEdit