Garfield Logan
413 005
Alias(es) Beast Boy
Appeared in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Actor Greg Cipes

Beast Boy is a shapeshifting member of the Teen Titans, and formerly Doom Patrol. After being bitten by a rabid monkey that had been experimented on, Logan mutated into a super-powered green-skinned boy calling himself Beast Boy due to his ability to take the form of animals.


Teen Titans: Trouble in TokyoEdit

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TV MoviesEdit


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Beast Boy once fell in love with Terra, who had the ability to control earth and the elements in the earth but suffered from insecurity about her lack of total control over her powers. Terra eventually betrayed the Teen Titans as an ally of Slade. Ultimately, she received redemption in helping the Titans defeat Slade; however, she is turned to stone in the process. Still, Beast Boy retains strong feelings for Terra.

Titans EastEdit

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The EndEdit

It's revealed that Beast Boy still has feelings for Terra while he's fighting his darkside, and that he blames himself for Terra becoming evil.


Beast Boy was originally the youngest member of the Doom Patrol. However, Mento's harsh discipline and less-than-encouraging attitude finally alienated him from his surrogate family, and he struck out on his own.

Calling All TitansEdit

Beast Boy exhibits a surprising amount of inherent leadership skills; he finally convinces Mento to think his way through a tough situation instead of muscling it, and when the Brotherhood of Evil attacks young superheroes all around the world, he leads Herald, Jericho, Pantha, and Más on an assault against the Brotherhood's headquarters. He remains leader even after Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and several other Titans join the fight, only standing down after Robin is thawed.


  • Shapeshifting



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