Take Off (Man of Steel)

Flight is a power enabling one to fly without the aid of machines.


Individuals who possess the ability to fly do so through various different means, such as gravity manipulation, manipulation of certain elements, mystical means, divine empowerment, etc. Most users of this power use this ability for transporting themselves, but also can use it to transport others as well.

As far as flight is concerned, most users of this ability are capable of going to extraordinary heights, even going as far as flying in space, however the limitation with this is that not all users can accomplish such a feat. Flight also maybe limited in terms of speed, which means one may not be able to move at superhuman speeds. Some people who possess this power may need to properly develop or flex their manipulative muscles before mastering flight, which means that they may need a certain amount of time to develop the ability.

Gravity also plays a key role in the use of flight and some users may not have the ability of flight in certain environments. This means that if the gravity is more, the user may have trouble defying gravity than they normally do. Certain weapons like a gravity gun are capable of making a certain individual more heavy than they normally are and make it harder for them to get off the ground.

Characters with this AbilityEdit

  • Wonder Woman: Despite others not possessing this ability on her homeland, Wonder Woman was endowed with the power of flight from the Gods of Olympus.
  • Dr. Manhattan: From the accident that caused him to become Dr. Manhattan, Jonathan Osterman could defy gravity with no difficulty. This was due to the his almost nigh-omnipotent powers and manipulations of particles.
  • Kryptonians: The most well known species capable of flight are Kryptonians. This is due to the fact that they hail from a planet with more gravity than that of Earth's, which in turn, gives them the ability to either leap great distances or fly at speeds rivaling the fastest Earth based aircraft. They are known to have the ability to ascend into the upper atmosphere of planets like Earth and not worry about oxygen.
  • Lantern Corps: Members of the various different Lantern Corps seen throughout the galaxy, be it Green or Yellow, have the ability of flight. This comes from the use of a Power Ring.
  • Martians: Martians that hail from Earth's neighboring planet Mars, possess the ability of flight. This is due to their shapeshifting capabilities, as well as their powers of telekinesis.
  • Marvel Family: Through the empowerment by the Olympians, Captain Marvel and his family possess the power of flight.
  • Crime Syndicate: Hailing from a parallel Earth, many members of the Crime Syndicate are known to have the ability to fly, each one through various different means.


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