Emil Hamilton
Emil Hamilton Gods and Monsters 0001
Appeared in Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Status Deceased
Actor Trevor Devall

Dr. Emil Hamilton worked on Project Fair Play, a secret government program aimed to perfect methods to neutralize the Justice League if needed.


Justice League: Gods and MonstersEdit

After Victor Fries, Ray Palmer, and Silas Stone, three other scientists who worked on Fair Play, were murdered, the Justice League was implicated by the forensic evidence. Another scientist on the project, Dr. Karen Beecher, gathered the remaining scientists, including Hamilton, at her country mansion to plan their next move together before they were killed, too. Hamilton speculated the reason they were still alive was because the League were too sloppy and didn't want to expose themselves further. The real killers, three droids created by Will Magnus, soon arrived. The Wonderdroid fatally stabbed Hamilton and he dropped near Beecher, who was hiding under a billiards table.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Science


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  • Animation (1 film)

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Justice League: Gods and MonstersEdit

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