Edward Fyers
Edward Fyers
Appeared in Arrow: The Undertaking
Status Deceased
Actor Sebastian Dunn

Edward Fyers was a man that Oliver Queen was captured by on Lian Yu. He at one time or another had Bill Wintergreen in employment. He was also looking for Yao Fei to use him as a scapegoat for his plot to shoot a Ferris Air Jet out of the sky.


Arrow: The UndertakingEdit

After Yao Fei records the video where he claims responsibility, Edward shoots him in the head, as he is no longer useful.

After Oliver redirects the missile to deactivate, which drops and hits Edward's compound and destroying almost everything in it. Infuriated, he takes Shado hostage and threatens to kill her. Musing that a meticulously executed 2 year plan undone by a shipwrecked playboy, Edward tells him that he can call in a rescue plane if he stops messing with him, and asks him if he's willing to sacrifice his freedom for Shado. Shado quietly nods to Oliver, and Oliver shoots an arrow through Edward's throat, killing him.



Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Edward Fyers is based on Eddie Fyers, a former CIA operative who first appeared in the comic Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #3 (1987).
  • Edward Fyers was the one who told Oliver the name of the island, Lian Yu.
  • Edward was the first character that Oliver killed, with a bow and arrow, that had a recurring occurrence in season 1.


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