Alias(es) Dr. Alucard
Appeared in The Batman vs. Dracula
Status Deceased
Actor Peter Stormare

Dracula is the lord of darkness and a vampire.


The Batman vs. DraculaEdit

Aside from his beloved bride Carmilla, much of Dracula's origins in the movie match the origins described in Stoker's original novel. Originating from Transylvania, he was eventually vanquished by a gentleman (quite possibly Abraham Van Helsing), and his remains were moved at an undetermined time to Gotham City.

Here, while buried in Gotham Cemetery, he was accidentally revived by the Penguin, whom he hypnotized into acting as his Igor-like servant. He soon became obsessed with remodeling Gotham City in his own image, turning hordes of citizens into vampires like himself, with he as their King and Carmilla (with Vicky's beautiful soul) as their Queen. He seemed unable to tolerate Bruce Wayne being the ruler of Gotham City's elite, and became intrigued by the Batman, believing that his legacy had an influence on the latter's existence.

He successfully hypnotized Bruce Wayne for a short period while acting as Dr. Alucard, but this cover was soon blown. He seems to have a growing attraction to Vicky Vale, who appears to vaguely resemble his bride Carmilla when she was still alive. In an attempt to resurrect his true bride, he hypnotized and kidnapped Miss Vale, drawing the life energy out of her soul and into Carmilla. However, the Batman managed to interrupt the ritual, saving Vicky and curing the 'Lost Ones' of their vampirism, as Dracula turned his attention to finally killing the Batman. Eventually blowing his way into the Batcave after a prolonged chase through the city's underground tunnels, a badly wounded Batman managed to blast Dracula with a device from Wayne Industries that can store pure sunlight, destroying the vampire.


  • Immortality
  • Mind control



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