Dinah Lance
Black Canary JLU
Alias(es) Black Canary
Appeared in Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS Crisis
Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer
Actor Morena Baccarin

Black Canary is a superhero with a sonic scream known as the Canary Cry. She was born Dinah Lance.


Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS CrisisEdit

When the Founding Members of the Justice League turned themselves over to federal custody during the Cadmus crisis, those still aboard the power drained Watchtower faced an assault from an army of Ultimen clones. Canary was one of many Leaguers to engage the clones in battle. She used her canary cry, but was overtaken by Shifter from behind.

Justice League Unlimited: DestroyerEdit

During Darkseid's second invasion of Earth, Black Canary fought off parademons in Rome with Green Arrow, Doctor Light and Bizarro. She took out several of them with her canary cry.


  • Canary Cry


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