Darkseid (Superman Batman Apocalypse)
Appeared in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Status Unknown
Actor Andre Braugher

Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips and an extremely deadly adversary of Superman, and Batman to a lesser extent. He is also interested in Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, as a protege.


Superman/Batman: ApocalypseEdit

When it comes to his attention that Supergirl could be a powerful ally under his control. On Earth, he summons thousands of Doomsday clones, but kidnaps her while they are distracted. The duo decide to go to Apokolips and managed to get him into a bargain where he won't make a move against her. When the cousins arrive in Smallville, Darkseid uses his omega beams to torture him, but Kara takes the blast, knocking her out. Enraged, Superman tries to defeat Darkseid but is easily overpowered and nearly killed by one casual punch that sends him to the sun. Supergirl is easily overpowered as well, they finally manage to distract him and send him to a part of space where he is frozen.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Super Strength: Darkseid is infinitely strong and is far more powerful than Doomsday and a Kryptonian. Darkseid was able to take out Superman in one blow, creating a shock wave that send Superman to the Sun in seconds while grinning implying that he was holding back. He also took out both cousins at the same time in two moves, this is impressive as it was in a sun environment. Displayed the power to shake the entire planet just by stretching his arms. All of this was when he was holding back.
  • Flight: Darkseid can fly completely in any direction, it is powered by Darkseid's telekinesis rather than gravity.
  • Invulnerability: Darkseid completely handles the full blast of heat vision by putting his hand around Superman's eyes. This blast took out thousands of Doomsday, but only made Darkseid smile. He even gets his own omega beams blasted on him and he takes it with ease. Darkseid is impossible to harm physically and mentally. Even the bone protrusions from Doomsday would have no affect on the New God. Despite taking a tornado of blows from a sun dipped Superman, only Darkseid’s armor was affected, casually outpacing Superman.
  • Immortality: Darkseid can live indefinitely, he cannot age, wither, or degrade. He cannot die in any means, including physical and mental attacks. Darkseid is millions of years old, possibly older than time itself.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Darkseid can heal from any wound from minor to fatal instantaneously. He can heal from matter in an instant, making beating physically truly impossible.
  • Omega Beam: Darkseid has the power to unleash the omega effect which caused Superman to bleed after Darkseid used little of the power. This is impressive as Superman is virtually invulnerable. He used it at such speed that the he send Superman to the Sun in a few seconds or less. After Superman put a huge rock on him, Darkseid created a blast that shook the entire planet, so far nothing can survive the full blast of the omega beam.
  • Super Agility: Darkseid is immeasurably agile, after being uppercutted by Supergirl, Darkseid did a perfectly balanced flip over 50 feet with no effort, even though he is at least ten feet tall.
  • Super Speed: He can go much faster than Superman as shown when he grabbed an enraged Superman multiple times. Even grabbing him when he hit Darkseid with an array of punches and heat vision. Darkseid can move fast enough to go through time on a whim, the speed of light is nothing on Darkseid who has attosecond reaction speeds.
  • Mind Control: Darkseid took over the mind of Supergirl with complete ease.
  • Telekinesis:
  • Telepathy:
  • Size Manipulation:
  • Avatar Creation:
  • Possession:


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Darkseid is a 12th level intellect, surpassing all known intellects.
  • Advanced Hand-To-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist: Though he has never been in a situation for them to be necessary, Darkseid showed his martial knowledge when he took down Supergirl. This is watered down due to his dependence on his strength, which is the only power he uses consistently.
  • Indomitable Will:


  • Arrogance: Due to his seemingly infinite power, Darkseid can be distracted or for not using his powers to a high extent. This happened with Supergirl and Superman, despite nearly killing them casually, Darkseid wanted them to feel pain, especially Superman. This arrogance lead to his indestructibility, where he took all damage from Supergirl, then letting Superman try to defeat him. This lead him to destroy an entire mountain, injuring Superman, but instead of killing him, Darkseid let him pound on him, until he decided to kill Superman, but wanted him to feel a slow death instead of killing him in an instant.
  • Faithful To His Word: Darkseid promised to not kill Supergirl at any costs, only letting her pound on him to test her skills. This lead him to only forcing her into unconsciousness with an omega beam. It also lead to him being hit with his own omega beams instead of killing her. Due to sparing her, Darkseid was tricked by Supergirl.
  • His Blindness To Intellects: Despite being a 12th level intellect, Darkseid has been in situations he forgets to cover due to his arrogance. Instead of taking out his five enemies, he let them go on their way to save Apokolips.
  • Holding Back: Due to his incalculable prowess, Darkseid usually doesn't fight on an incalculable level. He takes joy in a good fight, thus holding back on an extreme level rather than finishing the job. The time when he showed incalculable power was in the beginning, where he mauled the Kyrptonians in two moves; though he was still holding back. Also, Darkseid usually doesn't want to destroy a planet that he could conquer.


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  • The most powerful animated version of Darkseid, casually nearly killing Kyrptonians in two moves.


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