Appeared in Smallville: Finale
Status Alive
Actor John Glover

Darkseid is an alien overlord, ruler and destroyer of worlds.


Smallville: FinaleEdit

In search of a physical appearance, Darkseid approaches Lionel Luthor from Earth-2, now lost in a world completely different from his own. Promising him eternal life, Darkseid offeres the man to forge an alliance, but he's turned down.

When Tess Mercer, trying to save her own life, shoots Lionel in the chest, anyway, Darkseid returns his offer, and this time he manages to convince the dying man. Since all that Lionel ever wanted was to save his son's life, Darkseid proceeds to rip Lionel's beating heart from his chest and to implant it in a perfect clone of Lex, taking then possess of Lionel's body.

Finally a material entity, Darkseid reaches Clark Kent, the only obstacle to his conquest of Earth. The two have a fight in Smallville, at Kent Farm. Darkseid uses his telekinesis to attack Clark, but the Kryptonian, now fully aware of his powers, uses his new ability and his strength to destroy Lionel's corpse, appearantly vanquishing Darkseid himself.

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