Trivia about DC Showcase: Green Arrow.

  • Oliver Queen's cell phone includes the names of "Bruce", aka Bruce Wayne/Batman, Wally, aka Wally West/Flash, Diana, aka Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Clark, aka Clark Kent/Superman, and Mort, aka Mort Weisinger the creator of Green Arrow. He dials Dinah, aka Dinah Lance/Black Canary.
  • The comic book store featured in the movie's introduction is the real-life comic book store "House of Secrets" in Burbank, California where producer Bruce W. Timm has been known to shop. An issue of DC's title "House of Secrets" can be seen directly under the featured 'Green Arrow' comic on the comics rack.
  • At the end of the movie, it's implied that Perdita does know Green Arrow's secret identity(Oliver Queen), when she convinces Dinah to accept his proposal by saying "Every Queen needs a consort.".
  • In the very opening sequence when the camera pans past the first reader. The comic is different than other DC Showcase sequence. The comic featured is B'wana Beast.
  • Sylvester the Sky Man is a nod to Sylvester Pemberton also know as the superhero Skyman.

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