Clive Mantle

Clive Mantle

Clive Mantle portrayed Prototype Nuclear Man from Deleted Scenes in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Significant rolesEdit

  • John Little of Hathersage aka Little John in Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (1983)
  • Little John in Robin Hood (1984-1986)
  • Prototype Nuclear Man in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)
  • Dr. Mike Barratt in Casualty (1988-1998)
  • Cuthbert in Scoop (1989)
  • Dr. Mike Barratt in Comic Relief: The Invasion of the Comic Tomatoes (1993)
  • Dr. Mike Barratt in The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything (1999)
  • Mike Barratt in Holby City (1999-2001)
  • James Martin in The Poseidon Adventure (2005)


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