Dr. Childes
Dr. Childes
Appeared in Batman Beyond: Curse of the Kobra
Actor Xander Berkeley

Dr. Childes is a high ranking member of Kobra.


Batman Beyond: Curse of the KobraEdit

Dr. Childes was tasked with Zander's upbringing, setting him on his path to become the ruler of Kobra and the world. He sent the boy on a strict regimen of diets, science classes and martial arts training, seeking out the best possible teachers in every field. He also oversaw Kobra's splicing operations and their grand plan to superheat the world.

Childes was hesitant when Zander wanted Max to be his queen, and repeatedly expressed his concerns. Zander dismissed them, and the plan would go on. The Kobra base took to the air and planned to detonate the R-12 Thermal bomb at the Earth's core. Batman and Kairi went after Zander, while Childes tried to get to the safety of an escape pod. Max punched him out, and Childes died in the explosion of the crashing plane.


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