Charles Sol
Chuckie Sol
Alias(es) Chuckie Sol
Appeared in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Actor Dick Miller

Charles "Chuckie" Sol was a mob boss who operated in Gotham City.


Batman: Mask of the PhantasmEdit

Chuckie Sol was a mob boss in Gotham for many years prior to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman and was partners with Buzz Bronski, Sal Valestra and formerly Carl Beaumont. After Carl became involved in a incident where he owed a debt to each and every one of them, Chuckie and his partners paid a visit to house in order to get him to pay up. After Carl promised he would deliver to money to them in 24 hours, Chuckie and Buzz, assured Sal to accept his offer. After leaving, Carl unexpectedly fled the country with his daughter, Andrea. Even after Carl eventually paid them all back, they still sent their own personal hit-man after him, the man who would eventually become the Joker.

Years later, Sol held a meeting in his office on top of his casino, telling his men his plan to launder high quality counterfeit money on the casino floor. The meeting was interrupted by Batman, who took out all the goons in the room. Chuckie fled with his briefcase of counterfeit money, but found himself a new enemy: the Phantasm. After narrowly escaping, he tried to ram into the vigilante with his car, but he was blinded by the Phantasm smoke and veered and crashed in to adjacent building, where he was killed. Witnesses who saw the incident from nearby buildings and walkways also saw Batman near the scene, after he had rushed to investigate the crash, leading many to assume that he was responsible for Chuckie's murder.


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Behind the scenesEdit

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Batman: Mask of the PhantasmEdit

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