Trivia for Catwoman.

  • Halle Berry accepted the Golden Raspberry Award (Razzie) as "Worst Actress of 2004" she 'won' for this film herself.
  • 43 cats were trained for the film. Halle Berry adopted one of them afterwards, an orange and white youngster named Play Dough.
  • A rough cut of the trailer was put online a few months before the film's release, and drew such heavy criticism that it was quickly pulled. It was soon replaced with a new trailer which didn't feature any dialogue.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer had low opinions of the costume's comfort level from Batman Returns (1992) and consequently declined reprising the role.
  • During the restaurant sequence with Benjamin Bratt, the sushi being gorged by Halle Berry was actually chunks of fruit molded to look like raw fish.
  • A picture of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman from Batman Returns (1992) can be seen in the pile of old catwomen pictures.
  • A Bengal cat, a domestic breed, was used in the film. Halle Berry loved it so much that she announced that she was going to adopt it. Some media sources inaccurately described the 13 pound housecat as a tiger which caused the Fund for Animals to send Berry a nasty letter.
  • When production stalled in mid-2003, rumors circulated that Warner Bros. would scrap the project and instead incorporate the character of Catwoman into Batman Begins (2005), but with Halle Berry still in the role.
  • According to Alex Green, the whip master, Halle Berry needed a week of 90-minute practice sessions before she was able to successfully crack a whip.
  • After reading the screenplay, director Pitof and Jean Rabasse presented to the producers an alternative version of the story that was refused using the argument that it was too artistic.
  • Three Egyptian Mau cats played the role of Midnight.
  • DVD contains some deleted scenes: dialog scene between Patience and Laurel after George disapproves of her work; chase scene with three dogs on a scrapyard after the resurrection; slightly extended love scene; omitted dialog between Catwoman and Laurel in her house (alternate); more Hollywood-like ending: Patience is painting a wall somewhere outside. Tom comes to her and tells that Wesley has confessed and the murders are officially closed. After some talking they kiss and the camera pans away...
  • Halle Berry's stunt- and body-double is the 29-year-old Hawaiian male actor Nito Larioza, an expert in martial arts.
  • Cat breeds: The Egyptian Mau is all domestic cat; the Bengal is a crossbreed between a house cat and an Asian Leopard Cat.

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