Credits for Catwoman.

  • Halle Berry as Patience Phillips/Catwoman
  • Benjamin Bratt as Tom Lone
  • Sharon Stone as Laurel Hedare
  • Lambert Wilson as George Hedare
  • Frances Conroy as Ophelia Powers/Catlady
  • Alex Borstein as Sally
  • Michael Massee as Armando
  • Byron Mann as Wesley
  • Kim Smith as Drina
  • Peter Wingfield as Dr. Ivan Slavicky
  • Berend McKenzie as Lance
  • Chase Nelson-Murray as Kid #1
  • Manny Petruzzelli as Kid #2
  • Harley Reiner as Kid #3
  • Ona Grauer as Sandy
  • Landy Cannon as Randy
  • Judith Maxie as Jeweler
  • Michael Daingerfield as Forensics Cop
  • Benita Ha as Forensics Technician
  • James Lloyd Reynolds as Hottie Doctor
  • Jill Krop as Newscaster
  • Dagmar Midcap as Television Reporter
  • Ryan Robbins as Bartender
  • John Cassini as Graphologist
  • Patricia Mayen-Salazar as Housekeeper
  • Diego Diablo Del Mar as Barker
  • Connor Dunn as Little Boy
  • Michael P. Northey as Jail Guard
  • Aaron Douglas as Detective #1
  • Peter Williams as Detective #2
  • Janet Varney as Party Girl
  • John Mann as Bouncer
  • Brooke Theiss as Ferris Wheel Mom
  • Michasha Armstrong as Ferris Wheel Operator
  • James Ashcroft as Janitor
  • Herbert Duncanson as Security Guard
  • Larry Sullivan as Warehouse Supervisor
  • Ashlea Earl as Performance Dancer
  • Lori Fung as Performance Dancer
  • Ursula Haczkiewicz as Performance Dancer
  • Alisoun Payne as Performance Dancer
  • Laurence Racine as Performance Dancer

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