Carol Ferris
Star Sapphire JL
Alias(es) Star Sapphire
Appeared in Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer
Status Alive
Actor Olivia D'Abo

Carol Ferris touched a magical sapphire gem and became Star Sapphire.


Justice League Unlimited: DestroyerEdit

During the mutiny led by Grodd, she sided with Luthor, and thus was among the survivors of the Legion who arrived on Earth in time to warn of Darkseid's impending invasion. She joined the rest of the Legion and the League in fighting off the forces of Apokolips, teaming with Wonder Woman, Shining Knight, and Vigilante in battle over the Great Wall of China. During the battle, she was struck unconscious by a beam from an Apokoliptian cannon, but was saved from falling to her death by Shining Knight.

She was last seen fleeing the Metro Tower along with the other surviving members of the Legion, haven been given a "five-minute head start" by Batman in return for helping the League defeat Darkseid's forces.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Flight
  • Energy manipulation through mystical sapphire


  • Mystical sapphire attached to the mask


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

  • Animation (1 Film)

Behind the ScenesEdit

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