Cameron Mahkent
Alias(es) Icicle
Appeared in Independence Day
Actor Yuri Lowenthal

Cameron Mahkent is an ice-themed supervillain named Icicle, inheriting the abilities of his father and his enemies, the heirs of the Justice Society, the Justice League.


Young Justice: Independence DayEdit

On July 4 at 9:01 PDT, Icicle attacked a suspension bridge in Star City, overturning cars and causing havoc. He seemed particularly pleased when Green Arrow and Speedy showed up to stop him, as he was looking for attention. A small ranged fight ensued, in which Green Arrow and Speedy fired arrows at Junior, who responded with icicles being slung back at the partners. However the battle ended when Icicle Jr. was knocked out by an arrow from Speedy's bow, and captured.


  • Cryokinesis


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