Bunny Vreeland
Bunny Vreeland
Appeared in Batman Beyond: Rebirth

Bunny Vreeland was a young socialite who was the last damsel that Bruce Wayne ever saved as Batman.


Batman Beyond: RebirthEdit

Bunny is the daughter of Veronica Vreeland who was kidnapped by several thugs. Bunny was taken to an abandoned warehouse where she was bound and gagged. The men ransomed her for five million dollars.

When the police gave them the money they still didn't return Bunny. The thugs were going to take off in a plane and leave Gotham, but they were first going to kill Bunny. Right when one of the thugs was about to shoot her, Batman swooped in and saved her. When Batman believed he had taken out all the thugs he went over to untie Bunny. Bunny tried to muffle "Behind You!" though her gag, but it was no use for one thug had knocked Batman with a wrench. Bunny witness the thug beat Batman with a wrench. She turned her eyes and began to cry. When it seemed Batman was about to die he held a gun at the thug. Bunny had witnessed this and took it upon herself not to tell what he did.


Appearances/Voice ActorsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is unrevealed who Bunny's father was. She obviously kept her mothers maiden name.


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