Bruce Wayne
Bruce Bat JLFP
Alias(es) Batman
The Dark Knight
The Caped Crusader
Appeared in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Actor Kevin Conroy

This article is for Bruce Wayne before the Flashpoint event. For the Bruce Wayne from the Flashpoint timeline see Bruce Wayne (Flashpoint Universe) or for the Post-Flashpoint version see Bruce Wayne (Post-Flashpoint)

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy from Gotham City. When eight years old, he saw his parents get murdered infront of him. He spent seven years of his adult life in trainning in various forms of martial arts, and his detective skills. When he returned, he was inspired by a bat in his ancestral home of Wayne Manor. He became Batman.


Justice League: The Flashpoint ParadoxEdit

Batman arrived at the Flash Museum with the Justice League. He spotted the bombs attached to the villains and recognised that they would be hard to disarm. Green Lantern took Batman and Mirror Master to the lower atmosphere to disarm the bomb on Mirror Master's belt. After the League disarmed all of the bombs, the villains were taken to prison. Batman tried to convince the Flash to ignore Professor Zoom's taunts but failed. The Flash went on to accidentally create the Flashpoint Universe, erasing Batman and the world before Flashpoint.


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Justice League: The Flashpoint ParadoxEdit

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